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Re: [PATCH] mtree: improve output compatiblity for FreeBSD 9

In article <>,
Brooks Davis  <> wrote:
>When comparing a directory to an mtree file NetBSD mtree has output like
>xxx:   size (4, 5)
>       md5digest (0x6de9439834c9147569741d3c9c9fc010,
>./yyy missing
>FreeBSD's historical behavior is this:
>xxx changed
>       size expected 4 found 5
>       md5digest expected 6de9439834c9147569741d3c9c9fc010 found
>./yyy missing
>FreeBSD's mergemaster -U command depends on the latter behavior so
>the following patch alters the freebsd9 mode of mtree to output
>that format.  I don't think programs should rely on this output one way
>or another since it's clearly meant for humans, but this seems like the
>easiest short term fix.

Applied, thanks.


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