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Re: Lua for sysinst, next steps?

Am 20.11.13 11:50, schrieb Brett Lymn:
> On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 11:06:25AM +0100, Marc Balmer wrote:
>> Open for suggestions.  Personally I don't like to have diffs lying
>> around for too long, especially since it means that I don't work a lot
>> on them (I work on different computers and thus like the comfort of
>> accessing a repository instead of moving around diffs, imo cvs is here
>> for development ;)
> Create a branch.  That is what a branch is for - do experimental/major
> work on that can/may be merged back to trunk at a later date.  People
> who are interested can then check the branch out and help.

Thank your for your feedback.

This is neither experimental (in production use since years) nor a major
work, but something affecting a single binary only.  We will for sure
not create a branch for this, but continue our work on the -current branch.

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