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/etc/rc.d/ntpdate needs named

After a planned power outage, had to reboot all my computers yesterday
and noticed that /etc/rc.d/ntpdate couldn't do its thing, since it
couldn't resolve any of the names in ntp.conf

Now since the names in ntp.conf like
resolve to many addresses which round-robin (good), it is desirable 
to leave them as names in ntp.conf.

So I figured I'd make rc.d/ntpdate require 'named'.
but that doesn't work - rcorder reports a cicular dependency, which I
was not able to spot.

After a bit of hack & slash I did get rcorder to list named before
ntpdate but by then something else (kdc) was complaining.

In the end I reverted everything and set a bunch of IP's in
though whether any of them will be valid when I next reboot who knows.

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