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Re: Add support for fifo files (mkfifo(2)) to syslogd(8)

On Friday, at 15:49, Christos Zoulas wrote:
| The third part of the patch (the flipped check) also looks correct, because
| you want to find a type that will fit the filled entry.

Also, as far as I understand the message_queue_purge() function and the comment
that describes it, you want to limit the number of elements in the queue. Hence
"while (max length <= current length) drop()".

| Looks good. My only question is if we should change the FIFO and PIPE writev's
| to writev1's so that we have a better chance to put in complete messages in
| the slow reader case.

I was initially considering this solution too. But unless I missed something
obvious, writev1() can delay the whole syslogd process up to 2500ms in case of
a very very slow reader. The "queue" approach hasn't this drawback (only the
slow reader is impacted, not the other log files). If you think the 2500ms
delay are not an issue, I can update my patch.


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