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de_DE.UFT-8 LC issues

Hello together,

i have a strange problem with LC_ALL from PHP.

When i set "setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE.UTF-8');" in PHP, my date appears in english. But when i set the LC_ALL to "de_DE.ISO8859-15", date appears in correct Language.

I saw, when i set "export LC_ALL="de_DE.UTF-8"" that some entries are empty. If i set "export LC_ALL="de_DE.ISO8859-15"" the most common entries are filled with the charset.

Now i have a workaround for such problem, but in my phpscript. When i set the LC_ALL to "de_DE.ISO8859-15" the LC's are correct filled up. Later in the script i set "de_DE.UTF-8" as LC_ALL and it will fill up only some entries, rest of them are still "de_DE.ISO8859-15".

But i think, this workaround is not a good solution at all.

Im using NetBSD6.1.

For each answer, I am very thankful.

Greetings Sebastian

Sebastian Thadewald, Systemadmin
micro systems,
fon +41 61 383 05 10, fax +41 61 383 05 12

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