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Re: [PATCH] Support for mbsnrtowcs and wcsnrtomb

>>>>> On Thu, 25 Apr 2013 20:24:36 +0200,
      Joerg Sonnenberger <> said:

>> Since nozaki-san is being sick this week (he couldn't go to his work
>> Monday and Tuesday), and really busy for his real world job even
>> without the sickness,  I'm writing what I've heard...

> Best wishes for this recovery then.


>> Accoridng to nozaki-san, this patch has several problems.
>> One of most important problems is that this is not using the already
>> existing mechanism to keep compatibility of encoding modules.

> Fixed.

We should wait for the nozaki-san's recovery about other problems,
at very least.

>> Also, why don't you just use the already existing patch made by
>> nozaki-san to implement this feature?

> Because it never made the list?

It was announced in this list:

The directory ( has
been announce several times as you know.

> I'm also not sure if it is really correct, e.g. the (not) resetting
> of mbstate at the end of input.

Nozaki-san's implementation is corrent.
Your version broke the case of stateful encodings.
It seems the description in the OpenGroup specification has a problem
about this point.  I guess this is because mbsnrtowcs() was glibc
extension originally, and OpenGroup just copied the glibc specification.
Note that glibc doesn't support stateful encodings, but ours does.

I think using nozaki-san's version is better, because he knows
more detail of encodings (I guess you don't know stateful encodings
at all), and the detail of citrus implementation.

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