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utility to call getaddrinfo(3)

(I am not subscribed to this list, so please cc me in replies.)

I'd like to import the following little utility to call getaddrinfo(3)
and print its output human- and awk-readably:

I often find that I want to see why applications are behaving the way
they are when dig(1) doesn't explain it, and as far as I know we have
no utility in base to answer this question, so I'd like to fill that

Comments?  Objections?

     getaddrinfo -- resolve names to socket addresses

     getaddrinfo [-cnNP] [-f family] [-p protocol] [-t socktype] [-s service]

     The getaddrinfo utility resolves host and service names to socket
     addresses as if with the getaddrinfo(3) routine and formats them to
     standard output.

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