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Re: A draft for a multibyte and multi-codepoint C string interface

Ken Hornstein <> wrote:
 |A quick note:
 |On MacOS X all filenames are UTF-8, NFD (so they're all decomposed).
 |Composed codepoints in a filename are decomposed into their base character
 |and combining character.
 |I believe under Solaris if you mount with a special Unicode option you
 |can use either composed or decomposed and the original byte sequence is
 |used as the filename, but you can't create two files that have the same
 |normalization (or maybe they are treated as the same filename; I'm a
 |little unclear on the exact details).
 |Personally, I prefer the latter behavior; I think it's damn unfriendly
 |to create a filename and have it change it's name changed by the
 |filesystem.  I understand why it was done, but I still think the Solaris
 |behavior is better.

It's damn unfriendly to sell machines without also adjusting the
software to be able to handle these changes, anyway.



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