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Re: posix shared memory

Hi, (YAMAMOTO Takashi) wrote:
> i have userland implementation of posix shared memory.
> (attached)
> rmind proposed a kernel implementation while ago.
> (thus cc:)
> which way should we go?
> IMO userland implementation is better because:
>       - simpler
>       - smaller
>       - a bug would have less impact
>       - "locking object in memory" functionality is better to be
>         implemented with more generic api like fcntl if necessary

We should go with the userland implementation.  After some though I
basically agree with you that facilities like memory locking can be
implemented with fcntl, mount option tmpfs or whatever.

However, I would say it would be better to create tmpfs partition
for this.  A while ago I came up with practically same code, but
also checking for the fs type:

> YAMAMOTO Takashi


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