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Re: cap_mkdb writing wrong files

In article <>,
Greg Troxel  <> wrote:
>I have the impression that while writing the db in a separate file
>avoids part of the issue, there is still a problem where the old db can
>be read as the source file is parsed.  So I think this means either:
>  1) Remove the db before writing, which can result in no db
>  2) Add a source-only flag to cgetnext, to ignore the binary databases.
>2 involves ABI changes
>1 has the downside that if the db creation fails, we can be left with no
>binary db.  But presumably cap_mkdb is being run because the source file
>is newer, and it seems better to end up with the correct answer more
>slowly than to get the wrong answer.
>So basically I suggest unlinking the capdb file foo.db as the first
>thing, just before opening foo.db.tmp for writing.

This is what I ended up doing anyway.


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