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I'm using 5.2, and finally ran into something I wanted to do that
apparently involves proplib.

But the documentation is...insufficient.  Unless I missed something
chasing pointers from proplib(3).

I can't see how to create a prop_object_t.  The only routines I see
that return them are prop_array_get, prop_dictionary_get,
prop_dictionary_get_keysym, and prop_object_iterator_next.  Given the
recursive nature of the structure, I'd've expected practically
everything to return them, but most routines return distinct types like
prop_array_t or prop_number_t, with no indication I can see of how to
wrap one of those up with a type discriminant into a prop_object_t.

It occurred to me as possible that all those types are really the same,
with the caller expected to ignore the distinction, but (a) then I
can't imagine why the different types exist at all and (b) I'd expect
to see something that allows me to tell what type a given prop_object_t
is.  It really looks as though it was half-designed by someone who
wanted to go fully type-correct but then finished by someone who didn't
understand, or perhaps didn't care about, compile-time type safety.
Alternatively, there's some documentation I haven't managed to find.
In any case, I'm clearly missing _something_.  What?

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