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Re: dhc* in NetBSD 7.0

Roy Marples <> writes:

> On 20/03/2013 19:24, Hauke Fath wrote:
>> I still like dhclient better than dhcpcd - the former for 90% of my
>> applocations "just works", while whenever I tried the latter,
>> considerable amounts of reading were necessary, and most of
>> the time I
>> found that its ideosyncracies were not worth the pain. But the time
>> until netbsd-7 may as well be used for smoothing the rougher corners.
> Can you state what your problems with dhcpcd are? I like to
> provide a smooth and polished product :)

ls /usr/share/examples

There're no recipes for people tight on time for setting it up to:
 - reject setting zeroconf address;
 - prepend/append DNS servers to the list (e.g. prepending/appending local 
 - force local hostname;
 - send local hostname;
 - request particular attributes;
 - reject particular attributes.

Just like in many other cases, it would be more useful
if the most frequent use cases would be covered with examples.


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