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Re: mblen.3 asserts mblen(3) is from ISO C89


Greg Troxel <> wrote:
 |> Shouldn't this be ISO C90 (even Addendum 1? ..but haven't found
 |> a mandoc symbol for that)?
 |> I can't find an english version of pre-C99, but can assure you
 |> that my german translation of ANSI C, i.e., "The C Programming
 |> Language, Second Edition, ANSI C", does not mention it.
 |Perhaps you should file a PR with a change to add a mandoc symbol for
 |missing standards version, and then another to fix this if you can chase
 |down a proper reference.  I only found:
 |which says "ISO C", which means "ISO/IEC 9899: 1990, 1994"
 |as explained

i also found{login_mse,mse}.html today,
but no occurrences of ANSI C, which is what i've searched for, also
in /usr/share/tmac/.  Much smarter would have been a search for
isoc, since that would have revealed mdoc.local.
I looked into libc/locale/ today and found the functions in
question being implemented in multibyte_c90.c and
multibyte_amd1.c, which makes me believe that is right.
I've send a hopefully correct patch that changes the manuals


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