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Re: [PATCH] Re: sharing mutex between libc stub and libpthread

Emmanuel Dreyfus <> wrote:

> Here is a third approach: if program is not linked with -lpthread, the
> libpthread implementation falls back to libc stubs:

Here is a complete and cleaned up patch:

I checked it still passes all libpthread tests, and it also passes the
new dlopen tests I posted earlier. On the performance front, I ran two
tests to evaluate the hit:

100 million free(malloc(1024)): slowdown 2%
without the patch: mean 27.36s, 106 samples, sd 0.48
with the patch: mean 28.04s, 245 samples, sd 0.25

100 million gmtime(&now): slowdown not significant
without the patch: 49,15s, 34 samples, sd 0.35
with the patch, 48.55s, 51 samples, sf 0.50

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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