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Re: __strong_alias

Joerg Sonnenberger <> wrote:

> > If you specify RTLD_GLOBAL to dlopen(), then call via a PLT that
> > has not yet been initialised (because RTLD_LAZY was in effect
> > when the code making the call was loaded), then the function
> > in the library might get executed.
> Don't forget other shared objects that are opened later.

I get the same result without dlopen. In the example I posted, if I link
test with libtest (cc -o test -L. -R. -ltest test.c) I get the same
result: mail_foo is always called, and never libtest_foo

I thought __strong_alias() were used to override __weak_alias(). Either
it is not the way it works, or I have a missing bit in this test case.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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