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Import of Kyua pretty much ready


This is a followup to my previous email to this list:

which proposed a plan to import Kyua into NetBSD and slowly get rid of
parts of ATF.

The original email was sent a really long time ago and my plan got
delayed due to Real Life (TM) issues. However, I have recently been
able to make significant progress and updated the plan accordingly!
You can find the updated details here:

core@ has given approval to this (updated) plan.  I expect to start
importing the first bits of this relatively soon.  The changes are
very mechanical: reachover build files and changes to the file lists.

All changes will be protected by a MKKYUA knob which will default to
'no', so I hope to not break anybody's default build.  Please let me
know if you experience any issues.


Julio Merino / @jmmv

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