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Re: fixing libpthread noload, another approach

Emmanuel Dreyfus <> wrote:

> - programs linked without -lpthread that dlopen libpthread and then use
> threads will fail, with an error as cryptic as it is now: without
> appropriate logging, you do not know why it fails.

I thought about this: why can't we call openlog/syslog to make sure the
error makes it to the logs? Since the program is single-threaded and is
going to abort(), we are assured we will not disturb it, won't we?

Something like this:

_rtld_noload_stub(void) {
        openlog(progname(), LOG_DAEMON, LOG_CONS|LOG_PERROR);
        syslog(LOG_CRIT, "Symbol call for unloadable object");
Emmanuel Dreyfus

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