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Re: Setlist maintenance

On Dec 12, 11:36am, (Greg Troxel) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Setlist maintenance

| In pkgsrc we have 'make print-PLIST'.  So if there were a facility that
| printed out the bugs in the setlists, and that led to a decision to add
| the file to the setlist, or to stop installing it, that would be fine.

That would be great.
| Right now doing a full release build catches a lot of things, and I
| think people should be doing that before committing anything other than
| localized changes.

The problem is when you stray away from the default build, enabling or
disabling features. A standard build will not tell you if there are missing
or extra attributes, which is a 5th category of errors I forgot to mention.

|   - shared libraries declared in the wrong sets
|   - obsolete files put in the wrong file
|   - entries were not sorted
|   - inconsistencies in the way documentation lists are declared
|   - duplicated information
| But a release doesn't detect these, and a release doesn't detect
| problems on other architectures, so a tool that checks this would be a
| big help.

I am in total agreement.


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