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Re: Setlist maintenance

Alistair Crooks <> wrote:
> Our static setlists enable us to cross-build easily on other
> platforms, but can sometimes be a double-edged sword - they are
> difficult to maintain, can be unintuitive in what has to be added, and
> can be prone to problems with definitions and duplication in other
> sets.  I doubt anyone has properly managed the syspkg names in ages,
> if at all.
> We've also seen another instance lately where the compat libs raise
> other problems for everybody's education.
> Some time ago I wrote a utility that is designed to be added to the
> *.mk infrastructure, which uses the Makefile definitions to produce
> output for what the set lists should look like.
> I've put a tar file of the gensetlist utility at:
> I'm not proposing it be added to NetBSD, merely hoping that its
> presence could make set list maintenance easier.
> <...>

Is there a reason why this was not merged?  Also, any particular reason
why we could not always auto-generate sets?


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