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resolv.conf option to sort IPv4 first or caching resolver to do so?

Hi folks,

for reasons beyound my controll I have tons of machines (of all kinds,
including windows boxes) in networks that can not route IPv6 to the
outside world at all (but some of them using internal IPv6 traffic) or
where IPv6 performance, compared to IPv4, is desperately sad.

Please resist to give hints how to improve that base premise ;-)

Now, I am looking for two things:

 - for NetBSD boxes an option to specify in /etc/resolv.conf so that all
   received NS answers are sorted with v4 addresses first. I'm pretty
   much astonished that it doesn't seem to exist (according to the man

 - for every box (even the non NetBSD ones where I can't easily influence
   client behaviour) a caching, recursing name server daemon on the gateway
   box that sorts its answers with all V4 addresses first. This would offer
   a single place to fix all clients in the network.

Can we please add the former to libc, and can someone recommend something from
pkgsrc that could do the latter?



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