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Re: FAT support in makefs

skrll@ wrote:

> Has anyone done any work on adding FAT support to makefs?

I tried add it last year for hpc*, cobalt, zaurus, and arc etc.
but newfs_msdos(8) and sys/fs/msdosfs sources are quite annoying
to reuse them in makefs(8). (cf. v7fs)

For image builds, it's much easier to user mtools.
My hpcarm liveimage script uses it as:
        if [ -x /usr/pkg/bin/mformat -a -x /usr/pkg/bin/mcopy ]; then
                echo Formatting FAT partition...
                /usr/pkg/bin/mformat -i ${WORKDIR}/fatfs \
                    -t ${FATCYLINDERS} -h ${HEADS} -s ${SECTORS} ::
                echo Copying hpcboot files...
                /usr/pkg/bin/mcopy -i ${WORKDIR}/fatfs \
                    ${DOWNLOADDIR}/hpcboot.exe ::/hpcboot.exe
                /usr/pkg/bin/mcopy -i ${WORKDIR}/fatfs \
                    ./hpcboot.cnf ::/hpcboot.cnf
so I wonder if we should rather import it for tools
(but not in base, like gmake for gcc).

For U-Boot images, it might also be possible to add ext2fs support
into makefs(8) instead.

Izumi Tsutsui

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