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A couple of questions

I've been looking at converting some of the remainining src/regress/kern tests to ATF, and I've run into a couple of issues.

1. The kern/mqueue test currently contains a hard-coded pathname for the name of the message_queue. It seems to me that it would be more correct to use mktemp(3), except that that leads to possible race conditions (as noted in the mktemp(3) man page). While there is an mkstemp(3) for use with normal files, it's not clear how you would "convert" the returned file descriptor to a message_queue descriptor. If anyone has any clue, it would be appreciated.

2. The kern/ras[123] tests seem to rely on external events to cause the process to be preempted. (The tests simply sit in a tight loop until a timeout occurs, or a predetermined number of "restarts" has occurred.) Is there some clean way to force preemption, even on SMP systems with lots of cores? (On my 24-core machine, the tests succeed less than half the time under normal system load.)

Thanks in advance!

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