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wscons russification

Hello all.

I don't sure which mail-list to use(conf file editing is userlevel related, 
/dev is kern related).

I'm trying to configure the wscons to use KOI8-R encoding.

First of all I dumped fonts (vt220l.816 and vt220h.816) and I did not find any 
differences in their structure. I don't need the VESA video modes thus I don't 
need to resompile the kernel with WSCONS_SUPPORT_PCVTFONTS as suggested from 

# Note: "pcvt" encoded fonts are only useful with the "*bf" screen types
#  of the "vga" driver. The kernel must be compiled with the option
#  "WSCONS_SUPPORT_PCVTFONTS" turned on. See vga(4).

I just downloaded FreeBSD's, 
dumped it and found it has structure like vt220h.816.

Thus I load it from /etc/wscons.conf via:

# /etc/wscons.conf add-on
font ibm - 16 iso /usr/share/wscons/fonts/koi8r.816
# end add-on


# /etc/wscons.conf add-on
setvar ttyEx font ibm
# end add-on

It works perfectly. I've had koi8-r encoded file and I see it in right encoding 
via "more" command.

Question 1: Are there any legal issues on FreeBSD's font adding into NetBSD's 
repository? If No I could make the patch.

The NetBSD's keymap file doesn't work. I have:

# /etc/wscons.conf add-on
# end add-on

but "wsconsctl -a" shows:


and "wsconsctl map" doesn't show the third and forth colomns which exist in the 
keymap file.

I tried by root:

# wsconsctl -w encoding=ru

which generates:

wsconsctl: WSKBDIO_SETENCODING: Invalid argument

grepping shows WSKBDIO_SETENCODING in the /usr/src/dev/wscons/wskbd.c, the code 
is trying to load keymapping as I understood at glance.

Question 2: Is that error produced by non-exist binding between 
file and "ru" keyword or by bad data in the file itself? I've 
not found the answer on this question by myself.

BTW meta key (Alt) works but keycodes are different from desired. I'm sure that have to be recreated, but I need that wsconsctl could load it 

Best wishes,

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