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Re: Please consider replace src/dist/nvi with nvi2


Zhihao Yuan <> writes:

> I'm maintaining another multibyte nvi fork, nvi2

Thank you for pointing us at your work.

> The project was written for FreeBSD GSoC 2011[1]. However, FreeBSD
> requires code review before accepting the code, and I found no people
> to help me yet. But NetBSD already accept nvi-1.81 in the base system,
> so I come to here first to advise you to accept my version since it's
> *much* *more* robust and trustful.

It is a pity that we flipped the switch and made nvi 1.81.x the default
in NetBSD, the initial intent was to massage the code until it worked
reasonably well, and then switch over.

I will have a look at your code in the coming days but have my hands
full until next week. Don't expect an immediate import of it even if we
decide to use it in the long run: although your experience with our nvi
is terrible, and I'm sorry about it, we *do* also review code before
committing it.

Best regards,

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