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Re: busybox replacement idea

> We should be able to just copy the existing simple and short src/rescue/ 
> infrastructure to create the more complete replacement. Then we should 
> allow building this for a non-NetBSD target system. Any suggestions or 
> examples on how to build rescue for a non-NetBSD target system?

You will not be able to build NetBSD utils on non-NetBSD platforms due
to some BSD-isms like fgetln, strl* and others. Some time ago I planed
to start nbutils project (like core-utils but with NetBSD uselevel) for
the same purposes -- NetBSD's tools portable to at least *BSD, Linux,
Solaris and Darwin. For this purpose I wanted to use my own build
framework devel/mk-configure. As mk-configure is actually a fork of
NetBSD mk-files and its idealogy is the same I think it should be
friendly for all BSD developers and to some extent compatible with
NetBSD mk files. So, making a source code portable is not hard at

The only problem I see is a periodic syncing with NetBSD CVS. Not that
it is not possible but it would be much better if we could "fork" (in
terms of Distributed SCM) src/ subdirectories into a single project. In
this case "merging" would be easier. Though, I'm not sure any DSCM
system provides such functionality.

In this presentation (page 39)
you can see how I made portable version of AWK from NetBSD CVS.

Source code for nbawk is available here


Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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