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Re: Core statement on directory naming for kernel modules

On Dec 17,  1:54am, David Laight wrote:
} On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 08:00:27AM +0200, Alan Barrett wrote:
} > 
} >    Changes to config(1) to extend the existing notion of whether or not
} >    an option is built-in to the kernel, to three states: built-in, not
} >    built-in but loadable as a module, entirely excluded and not even
} >    loadable as a module.
} Add built-in and marked as 'loaded' in the module list.

     Have you typed "modstat" lately?  Built-in modules do show up in
the module list.  A 6.99.7 i386 kernel from May 13th is showing 115
built-in modules.

} It would also allow, on some architectures at least [1], a netbsd.o
} be generated with 'ld -r' and modules added (with ld -r) later
} prior to a final link.

     This would probably be a good way of doing it, since it might even
allow for the unloading of built-in modules in such a way that they
could be replaced.  Right now, built-in modules can't be unloaded as
they are part of a monolithic kernel and there is no way of untangling
them.  Being able to properly unload a built-in module would be a nice

}-- End of excerpt from David Laight

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