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Re: db(3) removal and lastlogx

On Jul 22,  5:10pm, (David Holland) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: db(3) removal and lastlogx

| Well, the major problem is that the old suggested way of handling
| multiple writers doesn't quite work and can't really be made to work.

Yes, multiple writers cannot be supported.

| There's one I think have on file somewhere (although there doesn't
| appear to be a PR) and according to internal sources at Sleepycat a
| long time ago there's a small but nonzero number of problems with 1.85
| that can't be fixed without changing the file format... even if we
| wanted to get into that, it's not really a good idea.

Yes, I heard about that too a long while ago. Yes, there were bugs in
the page handling code and could be others in the way pages are spilled,
but we have not seen any recently. We probably have the only functioning
1.85 that passes the torture tests...

|  > >and we can't move to db4 or db5 because of licensing.
| Well, we could; just not in libc.

Not worth it I think; they have the Oracle license now.


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