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Re: Switching default TERM to wsvt25 on console

In article <>,
Martin Husemann  <> wrote:
>Some recent discussion about the "Del" key not being mapped by vi
>correctly on netbsd-6 using ttyE* made me check again, and after some
>off list  discussion I would now like to propose to switch all
>wscons-using ports to set "wsvt25" on all their ttyE* lines in
>/etc/ttys by default.
>Most of them currently use vt220, which just leaves out a few items.
>Dreamcast, ews4800mips, macppc, sparc64 already use wsvt25.
>Last this came up, vt220 was considered more portable, as you could ssh
>to some non NetBSD system and it would not know about wsvt25. However,
>nowadays this is not true for most other systems, and for the few
>legacy ones where it still is, there are easy workarounds (a few lines
>in .login/.shrc).
>Side note: the wsvt25 terminfo entry needs fixing for the missing kdch1
>entry. Julian is handling that.

None, makes sense.


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