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Re: Proposal: Add option to add dates to write(1)

>> Possibly, if you can come up with a way for "the receiver's
>> environment" to be (a) well-defined and (b) accessible to the
>> sender.
> ps(1) uses kvm_getenvv2(3).  I guess we'd agree that satisifies (a)
> but not (b) unless the sender is the super-user?

I wouldn't.  Part of the reason I mentioned (a) is that write is
writing to a tty, whereas environments are attached to processes; there
may well be 0, or >1, processes associated with the tty, for whatever
value of "associated" you end up using.  (Arguably, write should write
to a user, not a tty, with the historical behaviour of choosing a tty
to write to being a historical accident.  If you go with this point of
view, it makes things even worse.)

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