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[GSOC 2012] IMAPfs related queries queries

Hi all,

I am Sanket Parmar, pursuing my M.Tech from Nirma University, Ahmedabad(India).
I have good experience on C, C++, Perl, drivers in Linux. I am
interested in "IMAP FS" project for GSOC 2012.

I am thinking of follwoing features/implemantation:
1) Mount the IMAP folder in file system
     - This will be implimented using PUFFS. A driver is needed to
provide Kernel
       space and user space communication.
2) Communication with IMAP server
    - Mails are stored in saperate files in IMAP folder. Filesystem
shows one file
      per mail. So this is the natural choise. filesystem shows the
files with Subject
      as a filename. Extra care must be taken to handle invalid filename.
3) Sync with IMAP folder.
    - IMAP server stores the flags(\read \deleted \forward etc) in
separate db file.
      At the time of mounting IMAP account, these flags must be synchronized.
      Special care must be taken when deleting the mails. As delete mechanisum
      of different IMAP servers are tricky.
   - These flags are also used for searching mails.
4) Caching to speed up the result
5) Archiving to support offline read
   - I think this is feature must be there so that user can mount imap
accound offline
     and perform operation on it. Some mechanisum must be provided to
store these
     operations and perform it later when the connection is available.

Please, Correct me if i am wrong or missing something. Suggest imrpovements.

I have few questions.
1) Is there any qualification task to perform to get selected ?
2) Can anybody poin out some reusable code(if any)?, So that i can
start work on my proposal.

Thanks & Regards,
Sanket Parmar

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