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Re: Support for boolean queries in apropos

> 2.  because parentheses are interpreted by the shell, 
>     permit [] in place of ()

[ ] are interpreted by the shell too, and (I'm not sure whether this
makes it worse, better, or what) different shells do it slightly
differently - though I'm not sure any of them do it in a way that
matters for most use cases here.  I will note, though, that using [ ]
for grouping clashes with using them for regex [] in at least some
cases; if we want to even allow adding regexes in the future, we might
want to use something else for grouping.

I note tcpdump uses ( ), for what that may be worth.  find does too,
though it the annoying restriction that each token of the expression
must be exactly one argument, so, while it may have some pieces worth
swiping, I would argue it is not a good paradigm to lift wholesale.

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