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Re: must use gcc builtin?

>> [I]t's a mistake to say stdargs can't be implemented without
>> compiler builtins on any architecture.
> Of course it can be implemented without compiler builtins.

Well...sort of.  I think wiring knowledge of the compiler's parameter
passing paradigm into the code is basically the same thing as using a
compiler builtin, except somewhat less obvious.

> From what I can tell you seem to be intending to argue that the C
> standard should be changed to require this code to work,

I don't think so.  I think he's arguing that _NetBSD_ should promise
it'll work.

I disagree with him, for what that's worth.  It's true NetBSD already
promises (and/or depends on) a lot of things C doesn't promise (in many
cases, not even if you include POSIX too), but I think adding things to
that list is a bad idea; indeed, I'd like to see it reduced.

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