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Re: global full-text search for NetBSD

On Thu, 23 Feb 2012 15:40:44 -0600
David Young <> wrote:

> What with the arrival of SQLite w/ FTS support and the new apropos in
> the base system, I'm eager to see NetBSD keep up the momentum and sprout
> a global full-text search similar to Spotlight on the Macintosh and
> whatever it is that Windows does today.

I have no objection about the availability of such a feature if it
didn't bloat NetBSD much, however it probably would have to be disabled
by default, or restricted by default not to index home directories.
We also have sh(1) and less(1) history disabled by default for
security/privacy considerations, for instance.

I find that the default locate.conf could also be improved in that area
though, but the if I remember it also does its indexing as an
unprivileged user which shouldn't have access to properly chmod(2)ed

On desktop systems, there's more and more caching already taking place
under for instance ~/.local/, ~/.cache/, so it seems that there's at
least a community that finds it useful enough to be acceptable by

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