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Re: disklabel(8) allows addressing non-existent space

2012/1/1 Julian Djamil Fagir <>:
> Hi,
> There was an error in the rounding, please use the attached patch for main.c
> instead of the original one.
>> > the following patches are my supposal for:
>> >  * Adding a batch mode (option -s)
>> I don't necessarily object, but does the -i interactive mode require a
>> tty?  Otherwise isn't it similar in functionality to -s ?  We also have
>> the -R option to apply a label from a file (I personally used the
>> latter often).
> Handling -i from shell is just difficult to handle (input redirection from
> file, error handling, etc.). The option -s is mostly consistent with fdisk
> one's. Reading the label from a file is also difficult to handle (print
> disklabel to file, *sed magic*, reading disklabel). There was afaik as well no
> support for size modifiers as in interactive mode (though that could be
> added, of course).
>> Just as a note, since this domain interests you, disklabel can only
>> handle partition sizes restricted by 32-bit, while gpt(8) can handle
>> larger sizes and is likely to become more widely used in the future.  I
>> personally never used it, but it's also possible that you'd find that
>> gpt(8) also requires user-friendliness improvements...
> For gpt(8), I'm still not really sure about the state (see
> Regards, Julian

I prefer -i on the shell, because its very convinient especially
for beginners and because I'm used to it.
I'm using -RrD for scripts.


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