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Re: disklabel(8) allows addressing non-existent space

> Imho the current way of having to deal with an editor and a
> calculator, or the interactive mode and eventually creating an
> invalid label without further warning is imho somewhat...
> unintuitive.

I agree that disklabel is, um, suboptimal.  There's a reason I wrote
bsdlabel.  (It's a tool with an interface very much like sunlabel(8),
but for BSD disklabels rather than Sun labels.)

Not that it's optimal either, but for some tasks it's better than

> Btw, what do you think about alignment support for disklabel (useful
> only for shell or interactive mode)?  With more and more 4K disks and
> SSDs, that would be useful imho.

Possibly.  Might be worth doing.  If you're contemplating doing it,
though, it might be worth allowing non-zero remainders (for example,
allow aligning to "sector number % 8 = 5"); I've seen it said that some
disks offset their 512-byte-block interface in such ways to deal with
certain Windows use patterns.

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