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Re: disklabel(8) allows addressing non-existent space


> > > Plus, one thing I wondered about: Is there a clean way to determine
> > > the "mother" partition (i.e. c or d)?
> > 
> > If you mean RAW_PART, the kern.rawpartition sysctl is what you want.
> > If you mean the equivalent of c on i386 ("the NetBSD MBR partition"),
> > it doesn't exist at all on many ports, so, no, there isn't.  If you
> > mean something else, then I think you'd need to explain in somewhat
> > more detail what you mean by `the "mother" partition'.
> kern.rawpartition is exactly what I've been searching for, thank you!
hm, I just found out: It isn't. What I'm looking for is the 'encapsulating'
device of the disklabel, i.e. in case of an mbr, the mbr partition 'c', and
in case of a 'raw' disk label, the whole hard disk (so perhaps 'd' on x86,
'c' on sparc).

Regards, Julian

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