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Re: default skel files (Re: PAGER=less)

On Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 09:59:02PM +0200, Hauke Fath wrote:
 > > > Probably very few admins use our useradd(8) tool,
 > > > or all of you have proper own skel files?
 > >
 > >I did once... ~15 years ago.
 > As a dissenting voice, everyone of
 > [hf@Gstoder] ~ > ypcat passwd.byname | wc -l
 >      254
 > [hf@Gstoder] ~ >
 > has had their user account created by useradd(8). What else would you use?

Me? Since I add accounts one at a time (and usually for special
purposes) I usually add them with vipw. Taking the trouble to prepare
good dotfiles is a function of having enough users, particularly
enough novice or semi-novice users, for it to be worthwhile. The last
time I was involved in caring about that was... about fifteen years

 > Bells and whistles that could be standardised within reason are in
 > /etc/csh.*, though, and /etc/skel/* remains vanilla.

That's fine for individual sites (mostly) but not a good idea for

David A. Holland

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