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Re: Lua modules, paths, man pages etc.

Am 07.10.11 13:03, schrieb Christopher Berardi:
> On Fri, Oct 07, 2011 at 09:46:01AM +0200, Marc Balmer wrote:
>> I am working on a Lua module which I will commit soon (it's an interface
>> to gpio, so that gpio(4) can be used from Lua scripts).
>> Since this will be the first Lua module in our tree, it will set the
>> standard for further modules, so I think we should briefly think about
>> what to put where.
>> We need a place for the source code.
>> Is src/lib/lua<whatever>/ rasonable?  (Lua modules that are written in C
>> are shared objects.).  Or should it be src/lua/<whatever>/?  I tend to
>> prefer the latter.
> I would think the logical place would be in src/lib/lua since they will
> end up in usr/lib/lua. Whenever I want to find the source for a particular
> program or whatever, the first place in the tree I look is where it is
> in the filesystem. And it is confusing when it isn't where I naively
> think that it should be.
>> We need a Makefile fragment.
>> We need  Ideas about that one?
> Will there also be a script that will search, find, and download modules
> from common Lua repositories, like LuaRocks?

No.  At least not from me.  That belongs nto the pkgsrc tree somehow.  I
am talking about Lua modules here that we provide, e.g. access to
gpio(4) or Lua wrappers for libraries we have have in base, like e.g.

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