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Re: web inherits UNIX console?

> An idea that I keep turning over in my head and cannot put to rest is
> that the web already has a lot better console abstraction, in the
> form of DOM, than the glass teletype that UNIX uses now.  Maybe we
> should switch?

I don't know the DOM.  What would this mean for consoles from the OS's
point of view, and what would it mean from the user's point of view?
For example, would it become impossible to use serial console?

> Another idea I'm mulling is that web stuff like HTML5 (Canvas) + SVG
> will eventually add up to a graphics console with a lot more seats,
> portability, and capability than X11.

Having to use something as insanely overweight as a Web browser for a
console seat is a complete non-starter for me.  X is a bit heavyweight,
but furrfu, Web browsers make X look positively minimalist.

Whether that matters to you (for any value of "you"), of course, is
not, of course, for me to say.

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