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Re: wide characters and i18n


"Greg A. Woods" <> writes:

> This is where IEEE POSIX / UNIX(tm) _should_ go, IMNSHO.  Get rid of all
> the old non-UTF-8 crap for different character sets.

Not before Latin becomes no less than 4 octets per letter.

> Ideally get rid of
> ANSI/ISO "wide char" crap too -- for the reasons given in the Plan 9
> paper (though maybe choose 32-bits for Runes?).  Then, and only then,
> begin thinking about how to do locales better.

It ought to be exactly the other way around. Text encoding is nothing
but internal affairs of program, it doesn't matter at all how you toggle
bits inside your black box. It is converting weird inscriptions like "7/12"
into date what does cause the headache. (Is it July 1, 2012?)


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