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Re: bumping library major on release branch?

Manuel Bouyer <> wrote:

> why _puffs_init52 and puffs_ops51 ?

_puffs_init52 because binaries from 5.1 are linked to used _puffs_init,
so the old _puffs_init should keep its old name, and I have to change
the newer one.

puffs_ops51 because when building a binary on 5.2, we will use puffs_ops
and we do not want to use the 5.1 structure. Therefore I have to change
the older structure name.
It also looks odd to me, I suspect I am missing something.

> shouldn't PUFFS_DEVEL_LIBVERSION also be changed ?

Not sure: when are we supposed to do that?

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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