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Re: GSoC Project Status Update: Apropos Replacement

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 01:25:03PM +0200, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> I completely disagree on that topic. The primitive cludge is using
> links in the file system to annotate man page aliases. .Nm by itself is
> a much, much cleaner approach and something man(1) should learn to use
> at a later point of this project.

You may disagree on technical grounds, but I doubt you can deny that .Nm's
spanning multiple lines are just plain ugly from a typographic stance.
These hide the .Nd and have largely no value for a reader as the prototypes
are always listed in SYNOPSIS (same goes for other sections). From this
point, one could use .XX macro that is not rendered.

Also: try "apropos power":

PCI, pci_activate, pci_chipset_tag_create, pci_chipset_tag_destroy,
pci_conf_read, pci_conf_write, pci_conf_print, pci_conf_capture,
pci_conf_restore, pci_find_device, pci_get_capability, pci_mapreg_type,
pci_mapreg_map, pci_mapreg_info, pci_intr_map, pci_intr_string,
pci_intr_evcnt, pci_intr_establish, pci_intr_disestablish,
pci_get_powerstate, pci_set_powerstate, pci_vpd_read, pci_vpd_write,
pci_make_tag, pci_decompose_tag, pci_findvendor, pci_devinfo, PCI_VENDOR,
PCI_PRODUCT, PCI_REVISION (9) - Peripheral Component Interconnect
PMF, pmf_device_register, pmf_device_register1, pmf_device_deregister,
pmf_device_suspend, pmf_device_resume, pmf_device_recursive_suspend,
pmf_device_recursive_resume, pmf_device_resume_subtree,
pmf_class_network_register, pmf_class_input_register,
pmf_class_display_register, pmf_system_suspend, pmf_system_resume,
pmf_system_shutdown, pmf_event_register, pmf_event_deregister,
pmf_event_inject, pmf_set_platform, pmf_get_platform (9) - power management
and inter-driver messaging framework

How does that parse for a human user?

- Jukka.

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