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Re: Reusing an old (envstat(8)) command line option

On 6 June 2011 16:29, Paul Goyette <> wrote:
> Back in NetBSD 5.x, envstat(8) had a -W option that was used to select
> between Critical and Warning alarm limits.  That option was deprecated
> shortly after 5.0 shipped, and the option remains (but is ignored).
> I am now considering enhancing sysmon sensors to be able to retain high- and
> low-water mark sensor values, and -W would be mnemonically suitable for
> selecting this display.  But is it acceptable to "re-task" the deprecated
> option?  Or should I pick something else?

It's a[n experimental] user utility with human readable output that
has already deviated from what must have shipped with 5.0.

As such, it's not likely to be used in scripts (or if continued to be
used as per 5.0 design, the scripts are not likely to behave
correctly), so I think it would be fine and safe to reuse the option.


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