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Re: /etc/rc.d/bluetooth

   Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2011 15:16:28 +0200
   From: Adam Hoka <>

   maybe it could be added to sysinst too?
   also with other settings, eg:

   run dhcpcd by default: yes/no         
   run bluetooth services by default: y/n

There's already afterboot(8).  Please don't add this to sysinst unless
it is trivially obvious, like with afterboot(8), for a user to see how
to defer these decisions and revisit them after the system has booted.
E.g., `You can run sysinst at any time to revisit these questions.'

Since sysinst isn't even installed, it shouldn't ask for any decisions
beyond what it absolutely needs; it's bad enough that sysinst asks for
the time zone.  Some day, it would be nice if lvm were reliable enough
that sysinst wouldn't even need to ask about disk partitioning.

I hate it when an installer asks me to make a decision and I don't
know how to tell it `I don't want to make this decision now' or how to
make the decision later or how the decision is effected so that I can
revert it later.  Did it edit rc.conf?  Did it add a user and group to
the system?  Did it create a directory tree and initialize some state
in /var?  Generally, is there an obvious way for the user -- be he
novice or expert -- to put the system back into exactly the state it
was in before the decision?  For most installers I've seen, the answer
to the last one is `no', in which case it is rude of the installer to
ask for a decision in the first place.

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