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Accepted for GSoC-2011- Next Phase

Hi Everyone,

I feel very excited to inform you all that my proposal for GSoC 2011
has been accepted and I am going to be working under the mentor-ship
of of Joerg. We will be working on developing a replacement tool for
apropos that would provide full text search capabilities over the man
pages and many other improvements in all the man related utilities. I
am sure Joerg has a more clearer picture of the project and I will
follow his guidance to implement this. Here is the description of the
project idea:

Now, the next phase of GSoC is to get to know the community well.
Although I have been around the community for almost a month now, but
still I would like to re-introduce myself. My name is Abhinav Upadhyay
and I am a 4th year student of Bachelor of Technology from Lucknow
(India). I hang out in IRC with the nick "abhinav-" .

I would also like to take this moment to thank to all the mentors and
admins of GSoC to accept my proposal, its like a dream come true for
me :-). I will try to make sure that I become a long term contributor
to NetBSD and extend its reach as much as I can.

I take this as a first step to familiarize with the community. I hope
I will make some useful contributions in the near future.


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