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Re: sqlite/Heimdal.

Am 31.03.11 10:56, schrieb Roland C. Dowdeswell:
> I am in the process of upgrading Heimdal in base.  It turns out
> that Heimdal now requires sqlite3 and includes its own version of
> same.  I think that it would be more general utility to import
> sqlite3 independently, though, and would like to start a discussion
> about doing it.
> The license on sqlite3 is public domain.
> It has no dependencies beyond -lc and -lphtread.  The package is
> one (rather large) C file, two headers and some autoconf goo only.
> And so it should be relatively easy to maintain and upgrade.
> More information about sqlite3 can be found at

I think it is indeed not a good idea to use the heimdal version, but the
"official" sqlite version instead.  And sqlite3 has definitely many good
uses besides heimdal, so yes, please put it in a place where other
pieces of software can use it as well, not only heimdal.

That said, I am all in favour of you importing sqlite (aka ok mbalmer ;)

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