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Re: Autoconfiguring root device and fstab(5) (wedges?)

Jean-Yves Migeon writes:
- If you believe that GPT support inside sysinst is easy to add, I would
- prefer to do it that way. Sadly, I spent this late afternoon trying to
- make it work (using mishka's tutorial [1]), but I never managed to get
- past the "Error No /boot" from fatboot.S with QEMU. Looks like the
- primary stage bootloader fails looking for /boot in the EFI partition :/

I was mucking about with buildign a GPT bootable system, and
found that I wasn't able to make an EFI partition work..

However, telling the gptmbr code to boot to a UFS partition

I've currently got a raidframe-1 partition running on a pair of
GPT partitioned drives, and it boots and runs nicely as a Xen
DOM0 (on a Sun X2200M2)

- [1]

Yes, this seems a bit out of date, sadly.

Eric Schnoebelen      
                Life is hard but the root password helps.
                    - seen on the misc@ OpenBSD mailing list

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