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standards on SIGFPE for divide by zero?

I'm currently slogging through various tests which are failing on macppc, and I came across the two that involve SIGFPE being thrown when detecting integer and floating point divide-by-zero. NetBSD/macppc (and, I assume, all the NetBSD powerpc ports) don't signal on divide-by-zero, and so these tests fail. (/usr/src/tests/lib/libc/gen/t_siginfo.c is the source file: the sigfpe_flt and sigfpe_int tests, respectively)

My question is: what do the relevant standards say about this? Is it required to SIGFPE? If it's required, I'll file a PR against port-powerpc and mark the tests expected-fail on ppc. If not, then I'll skip them on ppc.


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