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fsck_ffs: skip block/character device check with -F option


The attached patch make fsck_ffs skip block/character device checks
when -F option is given indicating that an filesystem image is
provided. In that case, checking fstab content seems just wrong.

The current version do make resize_ffs tests fails when run from a
chroot which does not have a fstab file, because of a warning message
about that missing file.

njoly@petaure [current:tmp]> /usr/tests/sbin/resize_ffs/t_grow 
***resize_ffs grow test
Executing command [ newfs -V1 -s 4000 -F fsimage ]
Executing command [ resize_ffs -y -s 5760 fsimage ]
Executing command [ fsck_ffs -f -n -F fsimage ]
Fail: stderr not empty
--- /dev/null   2011-02-03 00:29:21.000000000 +0000
+++ /tmp/check.26671a/stderr    2011-02-03 23:00:47.000000000 +0000
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+fsck_ffs: Cannot open `/etc/fstab': No such file or directory
failed: atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details

Comments ?


Nicolas Joly

Biological Software and Databanks.
Institut Pasteur, Paris.

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