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Re: turning off COMPAT_386BSD_MBRPART in disklabel

> PR 44496 notes that COMPAT_386BSD_MBRPART is still enabled in
> disklabel(8), even though it was turned off by default in the kernel
> early in 4.99.x. The PR also notes that it's not harmless to leave it
> on.
> I'm inclined to turn it off in disklabel(8) right now. There's no
> particular reason to have it there if the kernel doesn't support it,
> and since fixing up a really old disk doesn't require disklabel(8),
> only fdisk(8) there doesn't seem to be any upgrade/compatibility
> argument to have it in -6.

I wonder if it's worth to add a sysctl knob that returns
whether the running kernel has options COMPAT_386BSD_MBRPART or not
and make disklabel(8) refer it.

Izumi Tsutsui

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